PET scan results

They got out of the meeting with the Drs. Iā€™m glad to be sharing a piece of good news - they confirmed this is the primary source and there are no other large masses in other parts of his body šŸ™ŒšŸ». Thank you Lord!

With that being said, they did find cancer cells still remaining floating around in the fluid but that will be treated with the chemotherapy. They still need to get more information from the pathology reports to indicate exactly what type of cancer this is as well.  Though his blood work has been normal, it is still a possibility this cancer is in his blood. 

Praising God for some more positive news for as much as it can be in a situation like this. All the while still bringing our hearts to Him with our pleading requests for more good news as they go forward and the miracle of healing.


Kristen Adams