A Message to Heritage Women (and everyone else) from Amanda

As many of you know, the Robinsons attend Heritage Church in Phoenix, AZ and this last Friday we had the opportunity to host a women’s Christmas event as a kick-off to the Advent season. Amanda was scheduled to speak at the event, but because of all that has happened with Davis, she chose to step aside and allow a long-time friend of hers to speak in her place. She was still able to attend the event, and at the end, stood up to say a few words to our women. Her message was a powerful reminder that life, especially this season, is meaningless without Jesus. That investing in relationships and living in community is always better, because God says so. That He calls us to bear one another burdens for a reason. And that life continues on, even in the midst of awful circumstances and all the unknowns. We still show up to worship, pray, read God’s Word, and give thanks to Him like always, because that’s what He wants us to do. We know that our Father is the great Comforter and that He promises to be with us through it all. His presence and promises are hope and comfort all year long.

Jesus. Immanuel. God with us.

We felt that Amanda’s message to our women was too powerful not to share. Please let is sink down deep this season.

The Robinsons are preparing for Davis to be admitted to PCH starting on Wednesday for the 1st week of his 2nd round of chemotherapy treatment. I will be posting another update tomorrow with specific prayer requests and needs for this upcoming hospital stay. Please continue to pray and support the Robinson family.

Kristen Adams