Good results and going home

The bone marrow scan was CLEAR. Praise the Lord!!! What a WIN. This is a HUGE relief and so so positive for Davis. Continue to pray that his treatment would eliminate the remaining cancer cells without damaging his good, healthy cells! So far he has had little to no side effects from the chemo treatment so that is also a WIN.

Davis’s next appointment for chemo is Monday at 10:30am.

We are happy to report that Lance, Amanda, Lily and Davis are ALL HOME now and sleeping under the same roof tonight! Davis is in good spirits and Lily is very happy to be back in her own space…although she did know her way around that hospital pretty well.

As you can imagine, this adjustment has been overwhelming for Lance and Amanda. Being back in their own home brings up so many intense emotions. Things around them are the same and yet, everything has changed. In the coming days and weeks they will have to make huge life decisions and financial adjustments that are weighing on them big time. They also have to learn and adjust so much of their life around cancer life now. They have to learn all these new medications and maintain schedules and keep watch over Davis for chemo symptoms, while doing what they can to make sure he doesn’t pick up any other sickness from the outside world. They are used to being on-the-go and around people so much. This new life will be a stark contrast.

Please pray….

  • Davis would continue to have little to no side effects from chemo.

  • Davis would remain as healthy as possible and that friends and family would be diligent and respectful of his compromised immune system and keep sickness AWAY.

  • Lance would be able to see his spine doctor and schedule surgery QUICKLY. For his pain to subside until then so he can be present for his family.

  • Lance and Amanda can remain personally healthy, so they can be with Davis and strong for him.

  • Lance and Amanda would be united in the tough decisions ahead of them while adjusting to their new normal. Pray they would quickly find rhythm and margin where needed, both together as a couple and separately for themselves.

  • Their community would provide financial support to them so this burden could be lightened. (And THANK YOU to all those that have already made generous contributions!) There are so many things we cannot control in this situation, but one thing we CAN do is be generous with our money and time and pour into them, like they have sacrificially poured into so many of us. Pray that God would prompt people to give.

  • God would give Lance and Amanda medical knowledge surrounding his diagnosis and medications, and wisdom in caring for Davis while at home. Pray that they would become intense learners of him and his diagnosis and be partners, alongside the doctors, in helping Davis to rid this cancer from his little body.


Kristen Adams3 Comments